1. Send me a PM or text and I will arrange a day a time to take your front porch picture. Include your living address.

2. Make a donation to a local food bank or buy a gift card to support a local business. The gift card is for your personal use. The goal to continue to support our community.

3. I will come and take your family’s photo on your steps, porch, or yard. I will maintain appropriate social distance.

4. The photo will be posted on my social media platforms and also on my website: www.kennywebsterphotos.com

5. Each family may download the picture for their personal use from my website. Downloads are free.

(Let’s keep a 10 foot distance. I will have a long zoom lens)

Remember: You are on an honor system. If you buy a gift card from a local business in place of a food bank donation, that gift card is for your personal use. This project is all about supporting our local business.

Thanks: Kenny Webster & Family

Kenny Webster Photography

Instagram: Kenny Webster

Facebook: Kenny Webster Photography

Twitter: K Webster Photos

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